Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sea legs snapshots'

I was dying to inverview her! So here is the fifth interview with sea legs snapshots'!

where are you from?
I'm from a small town in Florida crammed between disney world and the space center

how did photography become an intrest of yours?
sounds horrible, but around the time I was thirteen and fourteen I discovered myspace~ and I became enthralled with taking really complex pictures, of myself and my friends, different from the average myspace angle, and I did so until it got to the point where I dropped myspace completely and took up pictures permanently.

what is your most vivid dream?
my favorite recent, most vivid dream was one where I was in physics class my physics teacher had a tattoo along his back and when he showed us, his back was a desert-esque mountain range and his backbone had a giant crack down it that grew as he stretched and the sands fell and small mountain bikers rode down his back with the sand and at the base of his back, flowers were blooming and dying and he said, " we'll all be part of the dirt some day anyway" and another student said, "it doesn't matter what happens inbetween."
My mind tells me a lot.

what is your favorite subject(s) to photograph?
People! Mmm! People in really interesting locations, I can't do a shoot in a boring place, it bugs me.

are there any main themes and ideas you try to convey through your photography?
I actually try to stray away from repeating themes in my work, but I guess overall I really just want all of my pictures to have a whimsical, conceptual and thoughtful feel. God knows what kind of theme that is, let's just go with, my main theme I try to convey is what everything looks like through my eyes.

do you have a favorite photographer?
Well, I love ansel adams, but everyone loves ansel adams, right? So I'll go with Eleanor Hardwick, www.flickr.com/photos/lenaah/

She is god

what inspires you most?
1920s-1950s cinema, the flea market, and the interworkings of the human mind

how do you prepare for a shoot (like do you have an idea before you shoot, or do you just take your camera out and take pictures), and how long does it usually take you to do a shoot?
Because I am doing a 365, I've grown to prepare more for my shoots or else I would have no ideas at all, so I usually brainstorm all day, sketch out ideas, get my classmates to list random household items for me, and think of what's in my closet. I base a lot of shoots on either 1. The props, 2. The location, or 3. The outfit. Then I go on from there, the shoot itself is mainly improv. with angles and poses, if my sketched idea doesn't work. Shoots take around 30 to 40 minutes when its just me and my remote, when shooting others its slightly longer.

whats are you favorite songs/books/movies?
My favorite songs currently (they always always change) are, loveology by regina spektor, decatur by sufjan stevens, film by aphex twin, and everything ever made by manchester orchestra.

Books, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and various other things by Ayn Rand, The perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky, and anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

And Movies, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine, Atonement, and Stand by Me

What/who is your dream subject?
No specific person, I would just love to take pictures of a palefaced blonde.

do you have a favorite photo of yours?
Oh god, that it a really difficult question, that varies also, but a picture of mine that really sticks to the back of my mind is the one titled, "oh atlas", its a picture of my little brother with the world on his back, it's one of my more symbolic and was around the time I read my favorite book, Atlas Shrugged.

Do you have any other interests besides photography?
I write and I paint/draw/pastel

What is your biggest fear?
That someone will figure out how my mind really works

What are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
I'm really good at breaking the ice and talking with strangers and i'm really bad at protecting myself from being hurt.

How would you like to be remembered?
As someone with a really vast and understanding mind who lived to create.

What is the craziest shoot you have ever done?
My floating shoot with marshall wheere we lugged around stools to balance on was really interesting, and a lot of the time my shoots involve me hurting mysself, which could be considered crazy. But the craziest thing someone else has done for me was jump into a freezing river multiple times for the picture, "a man destined to hang can never drown"

If you could interview one person (past or present) who would you interview and why?
Ayn Rand because she is my favorite author and philosopher and I need to know every inch of her mind.

Do dreams ever inspire your photos?
Yes, symbols and concepts from my dreams often end up in my photos, sometimes on purpose and sometimes on accident.

check out sea legs snapshots' flickr stream here.


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