Thursday, April 16, 2009

Noella (noellalynn)

here is the tenth (i think) interview with noellalynn!
where are you from?
I am from Florida, but I consider myself Canadian because I have dual citizenship, but I don't know if that counts. Haha.

how did photography become an interest of yours?
Well around Christmas time I was googling because I was bored over break, and in one of the image searches, I saw Flickr. From there on forth, the idea of creating emotion through a single image took me by a whirlwind. Soon enough I was secretly using my dad's cannon, and then my mum saw me. That Christmas I received two cameras, and since then I haven't been able to put them down!

what equipment do you use?
I primarily shoot with my digital Nikon Coolpix P6000, but I also use a Cannon Rebel XT. But I just discovered that my family has about 6 old film cameras, which I am dying to try out when I can get film.

what is your most vivid dream?
My most vivid dream? Oh, gosh. I have so many of them, because when I sleep, my only dreams are nightmares. Wow, um… I’d have to say one the most striking nightmares was where there was a room full of people I love, friends, family, and at the time my boyfriend. Everybody started getting angry at one another and pulled out weapons. Soon enough everybody was killing each other, even I was killing people. It finally got down to myself and one other person. I stood in front of them, ready to stab them with a knife, and then I realized who was standing in front of me. I killed myself instead to let them live. I wish I remember who that person was; I guess I just loved them most at the time. But that was one that hurt me the most of all my dreams.

what is your favorite subject(s) to photograph?
My favourite subject would have to people. I love photographing my friends; they’re so much fun, and very creative.

are there any main themes and ideas you try to convey through your photography?
There isn’t any one theme or idea; I just try to express whatever I am feeling at the time through my photos. Some of them really scare me, but they help me understand who I am. I have realized a lot about myself through my photos, and I hope that others can feel those emotions through my photos too, or discover their own.
do you have a favorite photographer?
Oh! I absolutely ADORE Tim Walker! His photographs are genius, but I also love a lot of the photographers on Flickr, in fact I am often blown away by them.

what inspires you most?
Random things inspire me, quiet walks along the beach, or the sound of the leaves crinkling in the wind on a spring day. Really anything that makes me stop and say, “I wish I could stay here forever.”
how do you prepare for a shoot (like do you have an idea before you shoot, or do you just take your camera out and take pictures), and how long does it usually take you to do a shoot?
When I have an idea, I will sit down and sketch it out. This way, I can figure out every little detail. Then I pass my creativity book along to my best friend, and she looks over it, answering any questions I scribbled down in math class, and adding creative details. Often times, I don’t even look at that sketch, I just do whatever comes, but I will keep to the idea. It usually takes me about an hour, because I discover new things to add to the photo while I shoot.

what are you favorite songs/books/movies?
Oh, wow, I’m such a movies/book/music fanatic; it’s so hard for me to choose.

Song/Artist: I love the Beatles, but that’s a given for me. My all time favourite song would have to be Let It Be, or Eleanor Rigby. I change favorites all the time, but those will always stay.
Movie: Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, Juno, Slumdog Millionaire, The Dark Night, Titanic, every Harry Potter (I’m a little nerdy.), Atonement, Pride and Prejudice, and a lot of others I cannot think of right now! I really love random, indie movies, or movies that bring about emotion. That pretty much goes with books and music too. It’s really hard for pinpoint exacts, I just love too many.
Book: I love to read, I go through about 3 books every week, even when I have a ton of homework. It’s hard for me to chose, I’ve read a lot of good books. Believe me, I could go on and on.

do you have a favorite photo of yours?
I don’t really have a favourite, favourite. Just ones that I am mildly proud of. But the one I am the most proud of would have to me The Misarranged Mary Poppins, That was the first time I realized I could do decent editing!

Do you have any other interests besides photography?
I love to read, and write. Reading is a way for me to escape, and writing is another way for me to express myself, but because my mum is so nosy, I don’t do much writing anymore.

What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear would be waking up one day and not being able to realize that I have lost myself. I have watched many of my relatives loose their selves to Alzheimer’s Disease. And it scares me beyond death. Imagine not knowing yourself or the people who watch you and love you, then finally realizing who they are. Then having to start over the next day, not even knowing you did the same the day before. It’s so sad, and scares me so much.

What are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
I’m really good at listening, understanding, and figuring out problems. Whether they are math problems, or people problems. But what I’m really bad at is getting my work done when the work doesn’t interest me. I will always get sidetracked, and it sucks because I never get anything done!

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as someone who helped at least one person save themselves.

What is the craziest shoot you have ever done?
Tough question, any time I am photographing my friends, it’s crazy. We get into so much trouble, and have a ton of fun while doing so.

If you could interview one person (past or present) who would you interview and why?
The Beatles, Any one of the royal monarchies, past and present, Martin Luther King Jr., Beethoven, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Anne Frank, any of the Presidents. They all amaze me, even the bad monarchies or presidents. I’d love to just talk with any one of these people.

Do dreams ever inspire your photos?
All the time, even when I don’t realize. In fact, I am staring a series based upon my nightmares soon. My dreams always serve as inspiration, there’s a little bit of them in every photograph that I take.

what are you currently listening to?
At this moment, Samson by Regina Spektor, I love that song. I have my music on shuffle right now, so it’s changing soon though.

what flickr member would you like to see interviewed next?
Rosie, I think someone should interview you! Haha, you should post it to your blog too! Olivia Bee, Beth Retro, Laurennicole81, Katherine Elizabeth, `Stephen Beadles, aNne(♥), advertising amy, Rosiehardy, Kristine May., allie reed, and you should definitely interview Anna Amphigorously though. And the list goes on…

Me: haha i guess I will just interview myself. Maybe I will do that?

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Leslie (elle dangereuse)

Here is the fourth interveiw with elle dangereuse!

first tell me a little about yourself

Well, my name’s leslie. I’m 19, I live in southern california. I’m a student/professional slacker.

Do you have any other interests besides photography?
I write a lot. Right now I’m working on a screenplay and I write several poems a day, but most of my creative energy goes into writing humour pieces. I’ve also been doing some modeling, and I’m not really sure where that will go, but I enjoy it.

What is your biggest fear?
Hm. I’d have to say complete and total embarrassment. That, or abandonment, but I think that’s something everyone’s afraid of.

What are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
“Really good” is stretching it, but I’m a pretty good cook. Alternately, I’m really good at bossing people around.
I’m really bad at cleaning things and dressing.

How would you like to be remembered?
Hopefully not as the naked girl on flickr...I guess just as an entertaining individual.

What is the craziest shoot you have ever done?
Hands down, my naked in the snow one. A friend and I were at a cabin in this little town in New Hampshire in December and it had snowed several feet. I’d like to state for the record I had not even been drinking. I joked “Ha, I should take some pictures out in the snow in the nudiepants” or something, and he TOTALLY took it seriously! Half an hour later he had built this makeshift tripod from a broom handle and I figured since he put all that work in I had to do it. So I did. And it was insanely fun.

If you could interview one person (past or present) who would you interview and why?
Antoine Watteau. He’s a french rococo painter who died of consumption in 1721. He’s my favourite artist ever, painter, photographer or otherwise. His sense of composition was just perfect and his colours were so shimmering and beautiful...he’s probably had the most major effect on me of any artist.

Whats are you favorite songs/books/movies?
I have a million different favourite songs, but my all time favourite would have to be “Do You Love Me Now” by The Breeders

How and when did you take interest in photography?
I was about 16 and I had an enormous crush on this guy who lived across the country... I won’t go into that part of it. I started taking pictures for him, and I guess I wanted them to be special, so I started putting more and more time into them. Then I started taking them just for myself, and then I started putting them on flickr. That all sound so nefarious and pervy, but it’s just not how it looks, I promise, officer.

What is your most vivid dream?
I haven’t had dreams for a while since I take sleep aids, for some reason that just knocks them right out of my head. When I was very small I had terrible nightmares about boots, and I was afraid of boots... before I could sleep my mom had to promise me all the boots she owned were safely caged in their boxes.

Do you listen to music while you are shooting, if you do what do you listen to?
Yes, always. I have a notebook of ideas for photos based on songs or sometimes entire albums, so if I’m working from that I’ll have the original song I was inspired by on. Otherwise I’ll just have something that fits the mood I’m in and the mood I’m trying to achieve in the photo.

Do you know/ have met any famous people?
Not really. I stalked Conan O’Brien while in Boston this past winter, and a couple years ago I met the cast of Veronica Mars.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you want to be?
Right now? Somewhere I’ve never been.

If you could bring one thing with you on a deserted island what would you bring?
My camera!

Who is your idol?
Hm... I don’t know about idol but in a photographic kinda way I really look to fellow flickrite SaylaMarz. I think she was one of my first contacts when I first joined flickr and was probably a big influence on my posting self portraits.
Other people I vaguely idolize- Martha Stewart, Rachel Maddow, and Karl Lagerfield.

Nylon or vogue?
I subscribe to Vogue, but Nylon’s cool too. I subscribe to a lot of fashion magazines for someone that dresses terribly.

california or england?
I’ve not been to England(yet!), but I’m picking England because I hate California.

Who do you want to see interviewed next, and what questions do you want to ask future interviewees?
I’d love to hear from SaylaMarz, EleganceisRefusal., and Djuliet. And perhaps... their favourite subject to photograph?

See Leslie's flickr stream here

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rakeem Cunningham (kh2rac)

Here is the fourth interview with kh2rc!

ok, so first tell me a little about yourself.
So My name is Rakeem Cunningham and I'm 16 and turn 17 on April 7t and I'm in 11th grade. I got into photography a year and 2 months ago when people told me I'm good at by my myspace pictures haha. I'm in my student council and was my class president in 10th grade.

do you have any interests besides photography?
Other than photography I'm into working for my Student council class, hanging out with my friends and music!

what is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear would have to be ending up alone in life. It really does scare me..ALOT.

what are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
Well I think I'm pretty good at english and I'm a pretty fast runner.
I SUCK at staying on my two feet. I am THE clumsiest person you will meet. I'm also bad at handling problems on my own.

what would you like to be remembered as when you leave this world?
I would love to be remembered as someone who put my all into what I've done and tried, and as someone who truely cared for others.

what is your ideal location for a shoot?
My ideal location for a shoot would be a huge field full of 4 foot grass or the beach. (I know they're cliche, but I've never shot at one before).

what is the craziest shoot you have ever done?
The craziest shoot I've ever done was probably when I shot "The Cardboard farm." Not because the concept itself was crazy, but because it was SO windy everything kept blowing EVERYWHERE. I literally ran a mile trying to catch flying cardboard haha.

if you could interview anyone (past or present) who would you interview?
If I could interview anyone, I would interview my dad. He passed away when I was four and I want to know him more that I remember.

what are your favorite books/ songs/ movies?
My favorite songs is "Ordinary People" by John Legend. It is magical. My favorite book is "A raisin in the sun," or "Catcher in the rye."
And my favorite movie would be a tie between Kill Bill volume 1 or Finding nemo haha.

how and when did you take interest in photography?
I discovered photography because others told me my myspace pictures had "quality." And after that my sister pushed me to do a shoot in our backyard with our old Kodak Easy Share plastic digital camera. That christmas I got my Nikon D40 and I've been in love with it ever since.
what is your most vivid dream?
My most vivid dream is actually disturbing because I have it once a year. I'm in my car with all my cousins at my Grandmother's house and then someone breaks the windows and tries to take us...and then it goes black. Its freaky I know.

if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If I could be anywhere in the world, I'd go to Japan because I LOVE the culture.

if you could bring one thing on a deserted island what would you bring?
If I could bring one item, I'd bring my camera for sure.
P.S. His name is Winston Prescott Cunningham III :)

who is your idol?
My idol is my mom definitely. She is a single parent raising a family all by herself and works full time. She's my inspiration and great.
Although her nagging seriously annoys me haha.

do you listen to music while you are shooting? if so, what do you typically listen to?
I usually do listen to music while shooting. It usually varies depending on the shoot. Well I'm a sucker for different types of music so its TYPICALLY Japanese music of some sorts haha.

new york city or london?
London for sure. It has so many things I'd love to see and well New York has tall buildings which freak me out if there were a diaster haha.

what is your favorite photo of yours?
My favorite photos would be the levitation photo I just uploaded, the "Scissors" photo, "The creeper," or "Hiding A Thousand Leauges Under the Sea"

are there any main themes and ideas you try to convey through your photography?
I really just try to convey a message with my photography. I always describe my photography as "Photography with a Meaning." I want to use it to inspire people to help

what inspires you most?
My biggest inspiration would have to be all of the hardships I've endured during my life so far. From the death of my dad to the years I went without friends, and the ending of my friendship with one of my old best friends. It is pain that pushes me through and the fact that I can overcome it with photography gives me inspiration to do my best.

check out Rakeem's flickr stream here

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marty Conklin (martyconklin)

Horray for the next interviewee, martyconklin!

first of all, where are you from?
I'm from Lantana, Florida. It's a city close a beautiful beach but certainly not a luxurious place!

How and when did you take interest in photography?
I first became interested in photography a little over a year ago when I bought my 98 dollar Sony Cyber-shot. I started taking pictures of random things when I had nothing else to do and I had a lot of fun with it. So what began as something I did only when I was bored then turned into a hobby turned into a hobby and eventually blossomed into my passion.

What equipment do you use?
I use my trusty Sony Cybershot! I named him Everett. I also use my tripod but I didn't name it because I thought it'd be awkward to name anything that screwed into Everett's back side.

What is your most vivid dream?
I'd have to say it was one I had when I was only a little guy. In the dream I was a photographer and I took pictures of werewolves. (I had a MAJOR fear of werewolves as a result of watching Michael Jackson's Thriller music video.) So in my dream I was reviewing through polaroids with pictures of werewolves on them and I randomly got up and started walking around my house. I walked into the room which is now my computer room, the room I'm in now and approached a window. I moved the blinds to see outside and when I began to do so, voiced began to say, "No Marty, don't look, don't look." but I still looked out the window and saw a blinding light. The dream still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. I think there's a hidden meaning to it but I have yet to find it.

what is/are your favorite subject(s) to photograph?
I love taking pictures of people. I really need to find more friends who would be willing to pose for me! When you take pictures of different people it makes people wonder who they are, what they're like, and what their story is. It makes the audience think deeper than "Oh, that's a nice picture." and that's what I like about taking pictures of people.

Are there any main themes and ideas you try to convey through your photography?
With every picture I take, I always try to let the viewer get to know who I am. My likes, my dislikes, my hobbies, my family, my friends, my religion, etc. I think having a relationship with your audience is very important because then they can relate to you and it makes your photos all the more interesting.

what is your absolute favorite thing about photography?
Photography is thoughts and feelings put into an image. You channel every feeling you have and put it into the pictures you take and make a masterpiece out of them. Photography is just a magnificent way to clear your mind.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
Not any in particular. I love young photographers like me though, you see the amazing things they do despite their age and you can't help but be inspired.

What inspires you most?
Inspiration comes to me randomly, just out of the blue. It mostly comes from music or anything going on in my everyday life.

How do you prepare for a shoot, and how long to they usually take you?
I love having photoshoots in new and interesting places, I get a sense of adventure. Most of the time I'll go outside and just take pictures of random things that catch my eye, other times I'll get an idea and take the picture on the spot. My photoshoots can last anywhere between ten minutes and most of the day.

Whats are you favorite songs/books/movies?
Song: Hosanna by Hillsong United
This song means so much to me. It's a cry out to God for help and I need all the help I can get from God.

Movie: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
I love this movie because it's hilarious, and the relationship between Nick and Norah brings a smile to my face. I hope one of these days I can find the Norah to my Nick. (Yeah, that was cheesy.)

I don't have a favorite book. I have read plenty of books, but none of them have really touched me in a special way.

If you could photograph any person past or present who would you photograph?
I would photograph Edgar Allen Poe. He was just a very interesting man, and I think film could capture that.

what is your favorite photo of yours?
It's this one: (
I love this one because I really got the mood across in the photo an it really helps to look back on it and see how God pulled me out of the hard times.

who is your biggest role model?
It sounds corny, but my role model is Jesus. He loved everyone and he led the perfect life, he was amazing! I base my life off of how he lived his, it's hard but I believe it will have benefits in the long run.

Check out martyconklin's flickr stream here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sea legs snapshots'

I was dying to inverview her! So here is the fifth interview with sea legs snapshots'!

where are you from?
I'm from a small town in Florida crammed between disney world and the space center

how did photography become an intrest of yours?
sounds horrible, but around the time I was thirteen and fourteen I discovered myspace~ and I became enthralled with taking really complex pictures, of myself and my friends, different from the average myspace angle, and I did so until it got to the point where I dropped myspace completely and took up pictures permanently.

what is your most vivid dream?
my favorite recent, most vivid dream was one where I was in physics class my physics teacher had a tattoo along his back and when he showed us, his back was a desert-esque mountain range and his backbone had a giant crack down it that grew as he stretched and the sands fell and small mountain bikers rode down his back with the sand and at the base of his back, flowers were blooming and dying and he said, " we'll all be part of the dirt some day anyway" and another student said, "it doesn't matter what happens inbetween."
My mind tells me a lot.

what is your favorite subject(s) to photograph?
People! Mmm! People in really interesting locations, I can't do a shoot in a boring place, it bugs me.

are there any main themes and ideas you try to convey through your photography?
I actually try to stray away from repeating themes in my work, but I guess overall I really just want all of my pictures to have a whimsical, conceptual and thoughtful feel. God knows what kind of theme that is, let's just go with, my main theme I try to convey is what everything looks like through my eyes.

do you have a favorite photographer?
Well, I love ansel adams, but everyone loves ansel adams, right? So I'll go with Eleanor Hardwick,

She is god

what inspires you most?
1920s-1950s cinema, the flea market, and the interworkings of the human mind

how do you prepare for a shoot (like do you have an idea before you shoot, or do you just take your camera out and take pictures), and how long does it usually take you to do a shoot?
Because I am doing a 365, I've grown to prepare more for my shoots or else I would have no ideas at all, so I usually brainstorm all day, sketch out ideas, get my classmates to list random household items for me, and think of what's in my closet. I base a lot of shoots on either 1. The props, 2. The location, or 3. The outfit. Then I go on from there, the shoot itself is mainly improv. with angles and poses, if my sketched idea doesn't work. Shoots take around 30 to 40 minutes when its just me and my remote, when shooting others its slightly longer.

whats are you favorite songs/books/movies?
My favorite songs currently (they always always change) are, loveology by regina spektor, decatur by sufjan stevens, film by aphex twin, and everything ever made by manchester orchestra.

Books, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and various other things by Ayn Rand, The perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky, and anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

And Movies, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine, Atonement, and Stand by Me

What/who is your dream subject?
No specific person, I would just love to take pictures of a palefaced blonde.

do you have a favorite photo of yours?
Oh god, that it a really difficult question, that varies also, but a picture of mine that really sticks to the back of my mind is the one titled, "oh atlas", its a picture of my little brother with the world on his back, it's one of my more symbolic and was around the time I read my favorite book, Atlas Shrugged.

Do you have any other interests besides photography?
I write and I paint/draw/pastel

What is your biggest fear?
That someone will figure out how my mind really works

What are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
I'm really good at breaking the ice and talking with strangers and i'm really bad at protecting myself from being hurt.

How would you like to be remembered?
As someone with a really vast and understanding mind who lived to create.

What is the craziest shoot you have ever done?
My floating shoot with marshall wheere we lugged around stools to balance on was really interesting, and a lot of the time my shoots involve me hurting mysself, which could be considered crazy. But the craziest thing someone else has done for me was jump into a freezing river multiple times for the picture, "a man destined to hang can never drown"

If you could interview one person (past or present) who would you interview and why?
Ayn Rand because she is my favorite author and philosopher and I need to know every inch of her mind.

Do dreams ever inspire your photos?
Yes, symbols and concepts from my dreams often end up in my photos, sometimes on purpose and sometimes on accident.

check out sea legs snapshots' flickr stream here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

interviews coming up:

C. Kennedy., brookeshaden, elle dangereuse, and kh2rac!

Brooke Shaden (brookshaden)

Here is the third interveiw with brookeshaden!

where are you from?
I am originally from Lancaster, PA. I went to college in Philadelphia and then moved to Los Angeles in early February.

if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
I turned 22 on March 2.

where do your photoshoots usually take place?
I do almost all of my photoshoots in my apartment - which makes for a difficult time because I only have a one-room apartment, plus a small kitchen and bathroom. Lucky for me, though, I have a blank wall and some sunlight :)

how did photography become an interest of yours?
I went to school for filmmaking, and it wasn't until I graduated in December that I really picked up my still camera. I started a flickr on December 19th, and have been hooked ever since!

what is your most vivid dream?
Funny, I was just recalling this the other day. I had this dream throughout my entire childhood. I am in a creepy house walking up what seems like an infinite amount of stairs. I get to the top and crawl through a trap door. The attic of this house is a 2ft tall crawl space that is filled with stuffed animals. I crawl through the stuffed animals and finally get to a bigger room. In this room there is a lone desk with a giant frog sitting in an office chair and smoking a cigar. He turns toward me, smiles, and shoots me in the head.

what is your favorite thing to photograph?
I love photographing skin, because I think that one of the most beautiful things is the way light reflects skin. I also love the human form.

are there any main themes that you try to convey through your photography?
I like to photograph things that are sad, or convey strong emotions. That is why I started my series called "Small Deaths". I think that there is real beauty in suffering, and even more than that, there is beauty in the story that goes with it.

what are your favorite books/songs/movies?
I love answering this question in the hope that someone will go out and listen/read/see what I'm talking about :) My favorite music comes from a few artists - Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Damien Rice, Regina Spektor. My favorite book is Dune, and my favorite movie, hands down, is Pan's Labyrinth. I just saw The Reader, and I thought that was incredibly brilliant

who or what would you most like to photograph?
EASY! Kiera Knightly. I have a sort of obsession with people's backs, and I imagine hers would be lovely to shoot. Does that sound creepy? Oh well :)

what is your favorite photo of yours?
I think that would have to be "Gestation" - but "Retention" and "Spill" are close seconds.

do you have any other interests besides photography?
My other main interest is filmmaking. I just completed my first short film, which will be entering the film festival circuit shortly (and there is an article in the "In Camera" magazine coming out in April - shameless plug, I know). I love cinematography and always want to be behind a camera. I also love to write poetry.

what is your biggest fear?
In the most literal senses, my biggest fear is the ocean. Don't get me wrong, I love to go to the beach and play in the waves. But usually I force my sister to get in with me and hold me the entire time. For some reason, I am convinced that a whale will eat me or something. Don't ask. The ocean is just so big and it is really easy to imagine being lost in it forever.

how would you as a person like to be remembered?
I don't have any desire to change the world - I'm not big on politics. But what I do want is for someone standing at my funeral to think "wow, she really made me look at life in a new way".

what is the craziest/ hardest shoot you have ever done?
For my photo called "Wallen" I had to get plastic wrapped to a wall for two hours and it was easily the most painful shoot I've ever done. But then I've got photos like "Ripening Eggshell" that require me to lay dead in a parking garage in front of people...which is just awkward.

if you could interview one person who would you interview and why?
I would interview Lynne Ramsay. She created the short film "Small Deaths", which inspired my death series.

check out brookshaden's flickr stream here