Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leslie (elle dangereuse)

Here is the fourth interveiw with elle dangereuse!

first tell me a little about yourself

Well, my name’s leslie. I’m 19, I live in southern california. I’m a student/professional slacker.

Do you have any other interests besides photography?
I write a lot. Right now I’m working on a screenplay and I write several poems a day, but most of my creative energy goes into writing humour pieces. I’ve also been doing some modeling, and I’m not really sure where that will go, but I enjoy it.

What is your biggest fear?
Hm. I’d have to say complete and total embarrassment. That, or abandonment, but I think that’s something everyone’s afraid of.

What are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
“Really good” is stretching it, but I’m a pretty good cook. Alternately, I’m really good at bossing people around.
I’m really bad at cleaning things and dressing.

How would you like to be remembered?
Hopefully not as the naked girl on flickr...I guess just as an entertaining individual.

What is the craziest shoot you have ever done?
Hands down, my naked in the snow one. A friend and I were at a cabin in this little town in New Hampshire in December and it had snowed several feet. I’d like to state for the record I had not even been drinking. I joked “Ha, I should take some pictures out in the snow in the nudiepants” or something, and he TOTALLY took it seriously! Half an hour later he had built this makeshift tripod from a broom handle and I figured since he put all that work in I had to do it. So I did. And it was insanely fun.

If you could interview one person (past or present) who would you interview and why?
Antoine Watteau. He’s a french rococo painter who died of consumption in 1721. He’s my favourite artist ever, painter, photographer or otherwise. His sense of composition was just perfect and his colours were so shimmering and beautiful...he’s probably had the most major effect on me of any artist.

Whats are you favorite songs/books/movies?
I have a million different favourite songs, but my all time favourite would have to be “Do You Love Me Now” by The Breeders

How and when did you take interest in photography?
I was about 16 and I had an enormous crush on this guy who lived across the country... I won’t go into that part of it. I started taking pictures for him, and I guess I wanted them to be special, so I started putting more and more time into them. Then I started taking them just for myself, and then I started putting them on flickr. That all sound so nefarious and pervy, but it’s just not how it looks, I promise, officer.

What is your most vivid dream?
I haven’t had dreams for a while since I take sleep aids, for some reason that just knocks them right out of my head. When I was very small I had terrible nightmares about boots, and I was afraid of boots... before I could sleep my mom had to promise me all the boots she owned were safely caged in their boxes.

Do you listen to music while you are shooting, if you do what do you listen to?
Yes, always. I have a notebook of ideas for photos based on songs or sometimes entire albums, so if I’m working from that I’ll have the original song I was inspired by on. Otherwise I’ll just have something that fits the mood I’m in and the mood I’m trying to achieve in the photo.

Do you know/ have met any famous people?
Not really. I stalked Conan O’Brien while in Boston this past winter, and a couple years ago I met the cast of Veronica Mars.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you want to be?
Right now? Somewhere I’ve never been.

If you could bring one thing with you on a deserted island what would you bring?
My camera!

Who is your idol?
Hm... I don’t know about idol but in a photographic kinda way I really look to fellow flickrite SaylaMarz. I think she was one of my first contacts when I first joined flickr and was probably a big influence on my posting self portraits.
Other people I vaguely idolize- Martha Stewart, Rachel Maddow, and Karl Lagerfield.

Nylon or vogue?
I subscribe to Vogue, but Nylon’s cool too. I subscribe to a lot of fashion magazines for someone that dresses terribly.

california or england?
I’ve not been to England(yet!), but I’m picking England because I hate California.

Who do you want to see interviewed next, and what questions do you want to ask future interviewees?
I’d love to hear from SaylaMarz, EleganceisRefusal., and Djuliet. And perhaps... their favourite subject to photograph?

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