Monday, April 6, 2009

Rakeem Cunningham (kh2rac)

Here is the fourth interview with kh2rc!

ok, so first tell me a little about yourself.
So My name is Rakeem Cunningham and I'm 16 and turn 17 on April 7t and I'm in 11th grade. I got into photography a year and 2 months ago when people told me I'm good at by my myspace pictures haha. I'm in my student council and was my class president in 10th grade.

do you have any interests besides photography?
Other than photography I'm into working for my Student council class, hanging out with my friends and music!

what is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear would have to be ending up alone in life. It really does scare me..ALOT.

what are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
Well I think I'm pretty good at english and I'm a pretty fast runner.
I SUCK at staying on my two feet. I am THE clumsiest person you will meet. I'm also bad at handling problems on my own.

what would you like to be remembered as when you leave this world?
I would love to be remembered as someone who put my all into what I've done and tried, and as someone who truely cared for others.

what is your ideal location for a shoot?
My ideal location for a shoot would be a huge field full of 4 foot grass or the beach. (I know they're cliche, but I've never shot at one before).

what is the craziest shoot you have ever done?
The craziest shoot I've ever done was probably when I shot "The Cardboard farm." Not because the concept itself was crazy, but because it was SO windy everything kept blowing EVERYWHERE. I literally ran a mile trying to catch flying cardboard haha.

if you could interview anyone (past or present) who would you interview?
If I could interview anyone, I would interview my dad. He passed away when I was four and I want to know him more that I remember.

what are your favorite books/ songs/ movies?
My favorite songs is "Ordinary People" by John Legend. It is magical. My favorite book is "A raisin in the sun," or "Catcher in the rye."
And my favorite movie would be a tie between Kill Bill volume 1 or Finding nemo haha.

how and when did you take interest in photography?
I discovered photography because others told me my myspace pictures had "quality." And after that my sister pushed me to do a shoot in our backyard with our old Kodak Easy Share plastic digital camera. That christmas I got my Nikon D40 and I've been in love with it ever since.
what is your most vivid dream?
My most vivid dream is actually disturbing because I have it once a year. I'm in my car with all my cousins at my Grandmother's house and then someone breaks the windows and tries to take us...and then it goes black. Its freaky I know.

if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If I could be anywhere in the world, I'd go to Japan because I LOVE the culture.

if you could bring one thing on a deserted island what would you bring?
If I could bring one item, I'd bring my camera for sure.
P.S. His name is Winston Prescott Cunningham III :)

who is your idol?
My idol is my mom definitely. She is a single parent raising a family all by herself and works full time. She's my inspiration and great.
Although her nagging seriously annoys me haha.

do you listen to music while you are shooting? if so, what do you typically listen to?
I usually do listen to music while shooting. It usually varies depending on the shoot. Well I'm a sucker for different types of music so its TYPICALLY Japanese music of some sorts haha.

new york city or london?
London for sure. It has so many things I'd love to see and well New York has tall buildings which freak me out if there were a diaster haha.

what is your favorite photo of yours?
My favorite photos would be the levitation photo I just uploaded, the "Scissors" photo, "The creeper," or "Hiding A Thousand Leauges Under the Sea"

are there any main themes and ideas you try to convey through your photography?
I really just try to convey a message with my photography. I always describe my photography as "Photography with a Meaning." I want to use it to inspire people to help

what inspires you most?
My biggest inspiration would have to be all of the hardships I've endured during my life so far. From the death of my dad to the years I went without friends, and the ending of my friendship with one of my old best friends. It is pain that pushes me through and the fact that I can overcome it with photography gives me inspiration to do my best.

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